Class of 2008 Graduation
Friday, June 6, 2008
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Quality Education at Home

The following courses will satisfy the requirements for a secondary
education diploma. A unit of credit represents 45-50 minutes of instruction, five times a week, over an academic year of 180 days.*



Social Studies


3 Credits
4 Credits
4 Credits
2 Credits
1 Credit
8 Credits
22 Credits


* This is called a “Carnegie Unit.”
** 2 credits in a foreign language should be taken if planning to attend college to meet entrance requirements of some schools. Please check with the college of your choice.
*** State History (½ credit) should be taken if the student did not take it in Junior High.
It is the parent/student's responsibility to fill out a Senior Questionnaire and have all requirements completed on or before May 19th, 2008.


How Do Home Schoolers do after graduation?



(Recommended schedule of courses)


10th Grade
Geometry -1
English II -1
Physical Science -1
U.S. History -1
PE -1
Elective -1
9th Grade
Algebra I- 1
English I -1
Biology -1
World History- 1
New Testament Survey- 1
Health -½
12th Grade
Civics/Economics -1
English IV- 1
Life of Christ- 1
Electives- 1 ½
Foreign Language -1
11th Grade
Algebra II-1
English III -1
W. Geog/Const.*-1
Computer/Keybd.- 1
Foreign Language -1




Minimum Total Credits: 22

* Student may take ½ credit in World Geography and ½ in Constitution or 1 full credit in World Geography.
Students who choose this category are those who have the ability to prepare for college. Careful consideration should be given to the entrance requirements of the type of colleges they plan to attend. College catalogs should be referenced by candidates and parents to select specific courses that need to be completed in high school to meet specific college entrance requirements.

An Honors Diploma will be given to students who apply and meet the following requirements:

• Maintain a 94% average throughout the High School years (3.5).
• Complete two years of a foreign language.
• Score a minimum of 22 on the ACT or 1000 on the SAT.
• Have been enrolled with us for your entire senior year,
completing at least 5 credits with us.
• All credits must be in High School level courses.
(No remedial courses.)


After you have met and/or organized the completion of the credit requirements in the core subjects (i.e. Math, English, Science and Social Studies), any additional credits are considered elective courses. We encourage both creativity and honesty with your elective courses. If creating your own course, there is a 144-200 hour minimum for one credit. Please see page 13 of the "Academic Handbook" for more instructions on documenting yourcourses.










• Accounting*
• Advanced Art*
• Apprenticeship Opportunities
• Beginning Art*
• Business Math*
• Chemistry*
• Christian Growth* (½ credit)
• Community Service (100 hours)
• Computer Courses*
• Constitution* (½ credit)
• Co-Op (500 hours)
• Driver’s Education (½ credit)
• Etymology*• Foreign Language*
• General Business*
• Health * (½ credit)
• Intro To Missions* (½ credit)
• Life of Christ*
• Literature
• Music* (½ credit)
• New Testament Church History*
• New Testament Survey*
• Old Testament Survey*
• Physics*
• Speech* (½ credit)
• Typing*


*These electives are available through Novi Christian School. If your student has interests in other subjects, we would be happy to help you locate other materials.

Dual credit is given for courses taken through a community college. Please request a copy of the student’s transcript from the college showing course title and grade and send it to us. We will then enter this information on your student’s high school transcript. One High School credit will be give per completed course, not per credit hour.


There is a $30.00 fee to cover the cost of the supplies required for the graduating seniors. This amount is due regardless of whether a senior chooses to walk in the ceremony.

Transcript requests to colleges and universities should be submitted by mail or by fax. The link provided below will take you to the proper form to fill out the request your transcript.

Each official transcript is $5.00 and the payment information is included on the form. Applications requiring the signature of a school official are $10.00 per application.







Transcript Request Form


There are many questions asked daily by home schooling parents as to what constitutes a credit for a high school student. You will find the term “curriculum” used in our Handbook and sometimes there is a misunderstanding as to what the term means. According to Webster it is:
“1. A fixed series of studies required for graduation. 2. All of the courses collectively offered in a school.”

At NCS, we determine the minimum requirements for graduation from our school. However, we do allow you to use materials from other sources. We do reserve the right to approve or disapprove the curriculum you may choose to meet our requirements for a diploma as some curriculum may not meet our standards.

The purpose of our curriculum policy is to:
1. Help to achieve maximum learning for your child in the basic subject
matter required for a diploma from Novi Christian School.
2. Meet the criteria recognized by educators for a diploma.
3. Validate the Novi Christian School diploma at the college your child
would like to attend or in the eyes of his/her employer.

In a recent transcript “Boot Camp” for home schoolers conducted by Inge Cannon, an educator for 35 years, she stated “Through documentation of a student’s academic record on a transcript makes the diploma meaningful.” Her policies and advice were very much in line with our own.

When you enroll, we provide you with forms not only for the basic subjects, but also for Electives, PE and Co-Op, in order for you to document the hours spent week by week in pursuing high school subjects. These are not retroactive, but detailed documentation must be kept at the time the course is taken in order to qualify as a credit.

We suggest curriculum from Bob Jones, A Beka, Saxon, etc., as these are recognized courses of study with a written scope and sequence. Courses created by parents are allowable only if the following procedures are followed.

1. Daily/weekly time sheets must be kept. There should be 144 to 200
hours for one credit.
2. A structured course of study must be followed.This would contain a
written objective or goal of the course and an outline of units to be studied throughout the year to complete the course.

Books should be obtained and the student requested to read and report on the subject matter being studied.

Here is an example:

Home Economics Course

Goal: To teach my child procedures in being efficient and organized in
maintaining and running a household.
Unit I Cooking Unit IV Entertaining
Unit II Sewing Unit V Financial responsibilities in the home
Unit III Quilting Unit VI Canning
And whatever else you would want to add. You may choose other units than these.

3. If tests are given, a grade may be assigned by a parent. If a tutor or
special teacher is used, they may assign a grade. NCS would like a short letter or statement from the teacher briefly describing what was contained in the course, and telling us what the assigned grade is. Have the teacher sign the letter or statement. Sent it to us to be kept in the student’s file along with the time sheet.

4. If any certificate has been awarded or program participated in (i.e. recital, play, etc.) send us a copy.
Basic courses for a diploma are:
Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Language
Non-Academic courses are:
PE, Music, Drama, Co-Op, Computer, etc.
Writing Projects as Credit
We allow one academic English credit for twelve book reports. The
books read must be at a level corresponding to the student’s current grade. For high schoolers, the book reports should be three pages, for junior high, two pages long and for elementary students, one page. The book reports must be turned in as graded assignments.

We hope this will help clarify what is necessary to obtain credits to e
shown on the transcript. If you have additional questions, feel free to
contact us at (248) 349-9441.



ACT/SAT Preperation Workshops

Are you nervous about taking the college exams? Do you need some some extra confidence There is some  help for you.

There are P.S.A.T. and S.A.T. test preperation workshops held by Phyllis Katz, B.S., M.Ed.
The workshops are held in different locations in/and around the Novi area. Call (248) 552-7209 for further information.


Novi Christian School and McGuffey Academy International had an exciting time at the graduation ceremony on Friday, June 8th, 2007. We were graced with the presence of a Detroit Free Press reporter and photography who did an article on home school graduates. Our graduates made the front page.
We had a piano special by Sarah Bauerle who composed the piece she performed. We were also blessed to have Israel Wayne as our Key Note speaker who presented an excellent challenge for our graduates. Fourteen out of our thirty-two graduates were available to participate in the ceremony and one student came all the way from Alabama. We want to thank everyone for celebrating with us the achievements of our fine students.

Hats Off
to our Graduating
Class of 2007

Congrats to the
classes of 2008, 2009
& 2010 too.


The 2010 Graduation was one of a kind. Thank you to the families who participated and made it a special event for all who attended.

Congratulations to the whole 2010 class

It is never too soon to get ready for graduation.

Are you ready?
1. Do you have at least 22 credits in the proper subjects?
2. Have you taken an Achievement test?
3. Have you earned at least 5 credits through
Novi Christian School or McGuffey Academy International?
4. Has the entire tuition been paid?
5. Has the $30.00 Gradution Fee been paid?
6. Have you filled out your Senior Questionnaire?
Be sure to read below for more information.

The annual Graduation Ceremony will be
held at the First Baptist Church of Novi. Further information will be sent to our graduating students.